Connect us with your tools


Integrate your system with Thulium. Our advanced API will allow you to, among others:

  • create and populate outbound campaigns
  • download the list of people waiting in the queue
  • download the expected waiting time in the queue
  • click-to-call
  • download and streaming of recordings


React to events in the system. Notifications (webhooks) will inform you about:

  • addition of customer to a queue
  • call being answered by an agent
  • end of call
  • routing of outbound call
  • many other events in the system

Are you using a web application for order processing?

Wouldn’t it be great if a customer’s profile showed up right in front of your agent’s eyes when they are calling? Thanks to our API you will be notified about such an event.

An automatic notification will include, for example, a phone number, which will allow you to identify the caller. You can react to such an event and automatically open the customer’s profile for the agent in your application.

Bartłomiej Roszkowski
Member of the Board
mfind IT sp. z o.o.

Thanks to the Thulium API we performed the integration in the fields of customer identification and sales automation with no outside help. During the implementation we had full support of the Thulium team - their experts were very professional and readily available. Currently there are no issues with the system.