No e-mail will ever get lost!

Improved process!,
If your e-mail address is similar to the ones above our system is for you. Forget about vanilla e-mail clients.

The agents who have been granted permission can see the list of all the e-mails in shared inbox. While working on their e-mails the agents have multiple functions at hand.

You can observe who’s working on what, at what stage his job is and how long the customer has been waiting for the answer.

When your employee is absent, any given co-worker can complete their task, because the whole conversation is available in the system.

We saved the best for last: you can’t delete messages in our system. NOTHING will ever get lost.

Response templates

To put it bluntly - the majority of issues which customers raise are very similar. For this reason templates come in handy.

Just start typing and the system will happily show you matching templates. In the end it’s the agent who decides what should be sent to the customer. Of course you can categorise and group your templates - they are very easy to manage.

Categorization and prioritization

When you support your customers the most important issues can’t wait. The Priorities functionality will allow you to differentiate between what’s most important and what can wait a bit.

Your agents will know straight away which problems to solve first.

You’ll know that their attention is concentrated on the most important issues.

Internal comments

Comments is an additional piece of information which is visible in the conversation thread.

It can be added by Customer Service Manager so they can be sure that the assigned person notices it when they are solving an issue.

Customers obviously don’t see that extra commentary - you can use it for internal communication and improvement of your customer service.

Customer service quality assessment

Messages sent out of Thulium can include emoticons in their signatures so that your customers are able to assess the quality of the answer by clicking on them.

Negative rating gives you a chance to react quickly and motivates agents to improve their performance. Obviously reports detailing agents’ performance are easily accessible.

Łukasz Strumiński
Customer Service Manager
InPost Paczkomaty

Thanks to the tickets module the possibility of missing an e-mail is negligible.