Facebook Messenger done right

90% of customers say social media availability impacts on brand loyalty

Quick reply on social media is of utmost importance - it helps close sales and react to voices of discontent.

You’ll respond to every Messenger query because Thulium will direct all the messages straight to the agents.

Trustworthy support

All messages go to an appropriate chat queue where they are picked up by the first idle agent. Nothing gets lost. Your customers will have confidence in your support.

Further processing

Customer’s query demands additional action? You can create a ticket out of the message and start the ball rolling. The customer will be notified about this event so they can be sure that the issue is being resolved.

Continuity of communication

You don’t have to stick with one channel, you can swap Messenger for e-mail and later phone with contact history all the time at hand. This is time-saving and it improves customer support.

Key Facebook Messenger numbers

Facebook Messenger has 1.2 billion users as of April 2017. 2 billion messages are sent every month.

The number of times customers try to reach companies via Messenger is constantly on the rise. You have to offer great support.

Thulium will help you provide it.