Measure and make decisions based on data

Support your agents in their progress

Analysis of recorded conversations will allow you to assess the performance of your workers and pinpoint the directions where their training should be heading.

These are the most important aspects of telesales. Of course, you’ll find many more advanced features in our system.

Adjust your resources to your needs

Thulium monitors helpline traffic and availability of agents. It will tell you whether the number of agents is sufficient, and at what time your resources can be freed or increased.

You will also see how long your customers are waiting for the calls to start and how often they abort them.

Recognise dangers in time

Your customers can grade the service they received and this will allow you to spot unhappy customers and react accordingly.

You will also see which agents get better grades than the others.

Appreciate your workers

The number and length of conversations, the length of breaks and availability, as well as many other parameters related to agents’ performance are registered in the system.

Now you can realistically and honestly assess the quality of the work your team puts in and reward your best agents for their efforts.

Examine effectiveness

Verify the effects of analysis of the number and length of conversations, sales effectiveness and effectiveness of every agent.

Wojciech Lisowski
Kierownik DOK

We’ve got full control of what’s going on in all localizations. We can track the statistics of every helpline in real time.