Boost your telesales!

Improved process

Campaigns improve the telesales process. The system performs routine actions for an agent and allows you to preview the effects of your campaign and your agents’ work.

These are the most important aspects of telesales. Of course, you’ll find many more advanced features in our system.

Choice of records

Records may be imported from external files or from the built-in CRM.

You can choose from numerous filters which help precisely define the target group of your campaign.

Applying statuses

Statuses define the result of a conversation and help plan subsequent moves.

They help an agent to sum up a conversation quickly and plan the next interaction with a customer. The system will look after the remaining parts of the process.

Auto dialing

Predictive/progressive/preview - you are no stranger to these concepts if you have ever had anything to do with telesales or telemarketing.

This, and much more, is at your fingertips in the Thulium system.

Predictive dialer and voicemail detection

Predictive dialer significantly improves agents’ effectiveness. it needs to be taken into account, though, that agents won’t be able to study the customer card earlier - this dialer is not designed for the most complicated of projects.

Thanks to the extension of predictive dialer your agents will only talk to people, answering and fax machines will be automatically ignored. As a result, using this module leads to an increase in successful connections.

Effectiveness reporting

You can access campaign results at any time and see, for example, how many conversations were successful, how many ended with a lack of interest on the customer’s part and how many have an altogether different status.

The results of the work of particular agents are also available to you.

Aleksandra Drzyżdżyk
Vice President of the Board
CCO Kraków

In my opinion the Thulium system is one of the best in its class. It has helped Contact Center Outsourcing spread our wings as far as telesales goes. Thanks to campaigns which are easy to set up we can make sure our contractors start their sales processes within days. We use a range of reporting tools which present the current progress in building the brands of our business partners within their industries.