Easy integration

Just log into your Pipedrive account via Thulium and enjoy.
Pipedrive integration
Thulium is a browser-based CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) on a mission to make customer interactions more effortless and frictionless.
Thulium and Pipedrive go hand in hand to improve your sales and support alignment.
Key features:
  • All companies created in Thulium are automatically added to Pipedrive (important data like phone number, e-mail address and address is automatically copied).
  • Switching between customer card in Thulium and Pipedrive in just one click.
  • While creating a new customer in Thulium, you can automatically add a new open deal into Pipedrive.
  • A list of deals from Pipedrive is displayed in the Pipedrive tab in Thulium’s customer card.
Pipedrive integration
Setup and installation
  • Go to your Thulium account and log in as admin.
  • Select Administration -> Integration -> Pipedrive.
  • Configure Pipedrive integration.
  • Once it is done all the above functionalities will be available in your Thulium application.
Integration pipedrive