Everybody can reach you!

Voice menu - IVR!

IVR always directs calls to the right places.

The system can recognise the customer thanks to the ID and thus guide them to the right support team.

Call queueing

The customer knows straight away what the waiting time will be.

You can use this time to present the latest promos and other important information.

Using this feature means that your can be certain that your customers will reach you.

Advanced traffic distribution

From your point of view - the customer will always reach the right person.

Complex algorithms and advanced mechanisms are working underneath to make sure this happens.

All you need to do is interact with our user-friendly interface and be happy with wonderful customer service.

Calling back

The system can automatically call the customer back if they don’t want to wait for the agent.

Calling back transfers the weight of responsibility for contact from the customer onto the company.

Customer identification

When a customer who’s already present in the CRM calls, the system will be able to recognize them and the agent will be able to greet them:

"Good morning, Peter, it’s nice to hear from you.”"

It really works!

It bridges the gap between the company and the customer. It builds lasting relationships.

Quality assessment and call recording

Today call recording is nothing but a standard.
We add something extra: the calls can be assessed and this makes your analysis of them easier.

Łukasz Dybka
Sales Director of E-commerce and Retail Division

Now we know how our agents work and for how long our customers wait to talk to agents and all of this ranks highly in our modus operandi.